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Focus 2020 is a grassroots group of professionals contributing our time and talents pro bono to help safeguard our democracy, expand the electorate, and ensure free and fair elections. We do what we call Deep Election Volunteering: identifying like-minded local groups that need our help, then researching, partnering, and capacity-building to help them reach their goals, expand their reach, and maximize their impact. 

We ask our partners: what can we do for you that you can’t do without us?  

Then, we fill in those gaps.

We are reactive, receptive and nimble: ready to deploy our highly-qualified team members quickly and efficiently. 

About Us

WHERE WE STARTED: Election 2020

Focus 2020 was conceived in the summer months leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. We had been raising funds for voter registration and engagement groups, but many of our donors wanted to engage on a deeper level beyond writing checks.

In consultation with key political strategists, we identified Pennsylvania as the most important “swing” state in the election, and having sufficient poll workers as one key to ensuring a win.  Our original team of 20 began our outreach efforts, focusing on poll worker recruitment in Philadelphia. Ultimately, we recruited 2,500+ poll workers for Philly and Pittsburgh in just three weeks.  As a result, Philadelphia saw their 200 June primary polling locations grow to 719 locations on Election Day 2020.

Meanwhile, our team expanded in scope and size, eventually providing many forms of critical support to at least a dozen nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as several State elected officials’ voter registration and protection drives. 

Throughout, our goal has been clear: to serve the needs of existing local organizations, expand their reach, and increase their effectiveness to achieve our shared purpose.

Get Involved

Serve with Us

You can get involved today by becoming a pro bono team member. Sign up and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact elections, empower voters, and effect change.

Partner with Us

Does your organization need our help? Let our dedicated, highly skilled team take over a task that you simply can’t get done without us.


Focus 2020 is an informal pro bono group, not a legal entity; we have neither 501c3 nor 501c4 status, so we can work with either or both. Give to our partner organizations to support their work and ours.


What People Say

Focus 2020 is the most strategic, committed, energetic, smart, focused and inspirational group that I have ever worked with. I am honored to have been able to do my part.

Janet, a Volunteer

You guys totally freakin’ rock! The training sign-ups are pouring in. Thank you so much for helping me and this effort! I am so grateful.

Eric, leader of a partner organization in Philadelphia
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